no one should
ever go hungry
on Shabbos


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Phone: 718.871.4111

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CHMOL stands for CHalukas Mazon L'Shabbos- Shabbos food for the needy.

Chmol means compassion, and that is what we ask of you. Have compassion and Sponsor one Shabbos to put food on the tables of Israel's poor and destitute. Turn their Shabbos into the day of joy it is meant to be.

Visit the Our Activities page for information on our ongoing programs:

Chalukas Mazon L'Shabbos Program
Chalukas Maos L'Aniyim Fund
Special Holiday Grants
Emergency Crisis Aid
Hachnosas Kallah Fund

If you haven't got a chmol pushka, we will gladly send you one FREE. No Jewish home should be without this protective shield.

Delivers food
to Israel's
neediest Jews
Is there to
help during
medical crisis
Helps the poor
and orphaned
with their
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