no one should
ever go hungry
on Shabbos


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our Activities

Chalukas Mazon L'Shabbos Program
Countless families in Israel do not know what or if they will eat on Shabbos. Now there's Chmol! We try to reach as maily families as possible - financially. Our wonderful volunteers who deliver the packages before Shabbos bring smiles of relief to many faces.

Chalukas Maos L'Aniyim Fund
Unfortunately, many precious Jews do not have money to buy food for daily living. Imagine their happiness when they are able to put down their insurmountable burden - even if it's only until next week-when they receive cash grants they can use to buy food.

Special Holiday Grants
Anyone who has a large family knows the overwhelming feeling of facing Yom Tov expenses. It is even more frustrating for parents who can't afford it. Chmol again saves the day, or in this case, the holiday, and presents these families with cash grants to cover expenses before Rosh Hashana, Succos and Pesach.

Emergency Crisis Aid
It can happen to anyone. Financial crisis is very real and can be frightening. Chmol understands this. That's why we set up a fund to save upright Jews from collapsing under temporary, heavy financial burdens due to sudden medical needs or other unexpected circumstances.

Hachnosas Kallah Fund
The engagement party is over, and reality sets in. Where is the money going to come from? The answer is Chmol. Chmol makes it possible for a kallah and her family to puchase necessities before the wedding. This program has helped incalculable families lead their children to the chupah without shame.

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